We established the Sustainable Fisheries and Communities Trust (SFACT) to support vulnerable Coastal States as their livelihoods and community way of life is at risk.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and to improve the livelihoods of coastal communities in vulnerable Coastal States in the Indian Ocean through advocacy, to empower those communities through education, and to conserve marine ecosystems through local, grassroots programmes.

Charitable Purpose

Our purpose is to educate and enable small-scale fisheries in vulnerable Coastal States in the Indian Ocean to enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods while protecting the marine environment for future generations.


Our vision is for all coastal communities that rely on healthy marine ecosystems to have access to the resources they need to thrive, and the capacity to defend that resource for years to come.

Our Work

Supporting Technical Capacity & Facilitation

We fund training and technical support in small-scale fishery supply chains, advocate for Coastal States on a government level, and advance strategy developments for sustainable fisheries and coastal communities.

Accelerating Coastal Conservation & Development

We work to conserve and protect marine resources, by promoting the sustainable use of global fish stocks and natural resources, providing poverty relief through hardship funding and donations of equipment, and ensuring the health of aquatic ecosystems is at the forefront of fishery policy.

Advancing Education

We fund a number of scholars around the world in their postgraduate research, to further the current knowledge on sustainable small-scale fisheries and coastal conservation. Our research topics range from wellbeing in supply chains, to fisheries data and management, to mangrove forest restoration, to law of the sea.

Latest News


IOTC Special Session on FADs 3-5th Feb 2023 The Sixth Special Session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) is an important opportunity to improve the management of fish aggregating devices for the sake of stocks and ecosystems. The Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stock is currently overfished and has experienced...
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Sophie Atkinson, December 2022 Environmentalist and conservationist Steve Misati is embarking on a large scale restoration project for mangrove forests in the Miritini-Mombasa region. Mangroves play a vital role in coastal ecology and in sustaining and securing coastal communities. They reduce the harmful effects of coastal erosion, storms and flooding...
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Our Partners

We are partnered with a range of organisations that are aligned with our mission and vision, from NGOs, to government agencies, to universities. We offer funding, expertise, and years of knowledge to our partners, to reach our shared objective of securing sustainable futures for coastal communities. Click on any of the logos below to find out more about our partners.