Andrew Bassford

Andrew Bassford is the CEO of Marine Change and Financing Change, focused on sustainable development and investment in Asia. Andrew acts as a representative for Plastic Energy in Australia and SE Asia, which uses advanced chemical recycling to transform end-of-life waste plastic into oil to create new plastics. He also acts as a representative for Exanter in Australia, an organisation that uses AI thermography satellite and drone technology to maximise solar PV performance in the emerging market of the renewable energy sector.

Andrew co-founded the International Pole & Line Foundation with John Burton. He has 20 years’ experience developing and positioning brands across the retail and processing sectors in Australia, EU and Asia, with a strong focus on sustainability and social equity.


2000 - 2007
Managing Director
Fish! Restaurant group (UK)
2007 - 2009
Director Operations
Fishes sustainable wholesaler and fish stores (NL)
2010 - 2019
Managing Director
OurSource Consulting (NL)
2012 - 2021
Board of Trustees
2014 - Present
Marine Change Limited (Hong Kong, Indonesia)
2020 - Present
Board of Trustees