Communications Coordinator

Ellie Matthew

Ellie is a current MSc Marine Environmental Management student at the University of Exeter. She has experience working for and with Governments in the policy making realm and also with NGOs both close to home and far away. Her love of the ocean stems from a young age, being Cornish, she grew up surrounded by the sea. Her interests nowadays take two forms; firstly, the consideration and inclusion of coastal fishing communities in conversations regarding policies that ultimately affect them above anyone else, and secondly science communication in all its forms.
Here at SFACT, Ellie is our Communications Coordinator. Her role is to provide us with a voice loud enough to spread the message of our work. She constructs content for our website, writes articles about current projects and creates engaging social media posts to draw in audiences from all over. Prior to working at SFACT, Ellie has created various types of media from white papers and reports, to articles and presentations to infographics and YouTube videos.
Graduated from the University of Exeter with a
First class honours in BSc Zoology and became an Associate at NLA International
Undertook an internship at the
Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority
Enrolled at the University of Exeter and began an
MSc in Marine Environmental Management
Started the role of Communications Coordinator at