Project Coordinator

Sophie Atkinson

Sophie Atkinson has 3 years experience of working within NGOs that focus on advocating for small-scale fisheries and the marine environment. Sophie’s degree, Zoology with Spanish, and career so far have ignited her passion for marine conservation and the equitable share of fish stocks. She feels there is a severe lack of representation for the populations of coastal states in the conversations that dictate their livelihoods, and that more can be done to advocate for them and ensure their voices are heard. 

Sophie’s role at SFACT is to assist in the coordination of various projects through supporting SFACT’s scholars, and facilitating conversations between partner organisations as they work towards shared goals. Prior to university, Sophie coordinated projects in a recruitment setting, and has also worked on multiple projects at the Sussex Wildlife Trust, working towards healthier ecosystems that benefit biodiversity and the local community.

Started Internship with
International Pole & Line Foundation
Became a Research Officer at the
International Pole & Line Foundation
Graduated from the University of Sussex with a
1st in Zoology MSci
Started the role of Project Coordinator