Building Legal Capacity in the IOTC

Dr. Valentin Schatz

Prof. Dr. Valentin Schatz is Junior Professor of Public Law and European Law at the Institute of Sustainability Governance of Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany. He provides SFACT with legal advice and conducts research on a wide range of topics, including international and European fisheries law and marine environmental law. The main goal of his involvement is to provide marginalised Indian Ocean Coastal States with legal capacity so they can develop and protect their interests in equitable and sustainable fisheries, including within the framework of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

To date, Prof. Dr. Valentin Schatz has provided various legal assessments concerning, among others, the institutional law of IOTC (including voting, objection and dispute settlement procedures), fish-aggregating devices (FADs), allocation, and precautionary fisheries management under international fisheries law and the Common Fisheries Policy of the EU. Valentin is joined by Maia Perraudeau, a Fisheries Law Contractor, who assists in his work building legal capacity in the IOTC.