ANCORS provides International Fisheries Negotiations Training to G16 Officials

G16 Coastal States

The G16 is a group of like-minded coastal states of the Indian Ocean, who share a common objective of sustainable utilisation of Indian Ocean tuna and tuna-like resources for the benefit of all coastal states. Many G16 members are heavily dependent upon the oceanic and coastal fisheries of the Indian Ocean. In order to protect these resources, G16 members depend upon regional cooperation and effective multilateral institutions, particularly the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, to ensure these fisheries are managed effectively across their range and to maximise returns back to the region.

However, some G16 government officials have limited capacity or experience to effectively participate in international negotiations, and as a result, international management measures do not always prioritise G16 member interests. The lack of effective training and preparation for important international negotiations can lead to suboptimal outcomes at the international level. These gaps undermine the ability of G16 members to maximise their benefits and ensure the long-term sustainability of the IOTC tuna fisheries, resulting in management outcomes that undermine long term development aspirations and potentially threaten the viability of artisanal and domestic industrial fisheries.

The Australian National Centre for Ocean Resource Security (ANCORS), based at the University of Wollongong, is a globally recognised academic centre of excellence for ocean governance and resource security, marine dispute resolution and ocean equity. ANCORS has provided capacity building, training and advisory services to Indo-Pacific small island developing States and coastal States since the 1990s. Their research partnerships provide unique expertise and opportunities for training, research, dialogues and facilitation.

ANCORS will provide training in International Fisheries Negotiations and Strategy, with the goal of building G16 capacity to advocate for their interests and engage in regional international fisheries organisations. The training program will strengthen G16 members expertise and increase their influence in support of coastal State sovereign rights, enabling long term sustainable management and the equitable development of the Indian Ocean’s fisheries. ANCORS is offering two educational programmes, a year-long graduate program for government officials of G16 Coastal States who have a university degree, and a series of professional training workshops for those officials who do not hold a degree qualification.

Both programmes will cover the following topics:

  • Foundations of Ocean Law and Policy
  • Law of the Sea
  • International Fisheries Law
  • Negotiation Strategy, Preparation, Advocacy and Chairing

SFACT is proud to provide funding for these courses to take place, as we believe it is vital to achieving our mission and vision.