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There are multiple ways you can get involved with SFACT's work

Apply for funding

We do accept unsolicited grant proposals that are in line with our strategic pillars and goals. We truly feel honoured to learn about organisations around the world that also aim to educate and enable small-scale fisheries in Indian Ocean Coastal States to enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods while protecting the environment. Please read our FAQs below to find out more about applying for funding.

Co-finance our programmes and contribute to the Trust’s funding

We are always seeking new partnerships and opportunities to boost our progammes with increased funding, so if your organisation is aligned with our mission and purpose and you would like to contribute to the work of our grantees, please get in touch using the form below to discuss the programmes we have in the pipeline.

Become a partner

Thus far we have partnered with a number of different organisations to bring about change in the small-scale fisheries sector, and we are always keen to expand our network. If you have a programme you would like us to co-fund, or your organisation would like to connect with us, please get in touch using the form below.

Our FAQs

What types of projects do you like to fund?

We prefer to fund grassroots projects founded or run by Indian Ocean nationals to benefit their community or country as a whole, and projects which align with one or more elements of our Theory of Change.

Is there anything which SFACT does not fund?

We are open to discussion on a wide variety of projects and organisations. However, we will not fund religious activities, for-profit organisations, political parties or projects which are in conflict with our Theory of Change.

How do I apply for general funding?

1. As an initial step please submit a short concept note (max 1-2 pages) which briefly covers the following general themes, though a specific format is not required: 

  • Summary of the proposed action 
  • Relevance (link your project concept to our Theory of Change)
  • Methodology and Sustainability
  • Expertise and operational capacity 
  • Approximate financial need

2. If it is clear that your proposed action aligns with the vision of the foundation then you will be contacted for an introductory conversation. If this conversation is positive then you will be asked to submit a proposal, which describes your project in a little more detail than previously submitted. The SFACT team will advise you which areas of your work are most of interest and which should be highlighted in your proposal.

3. Your proposal should include the same/similar outline to the concept note but should be more detailed per section. It should be a maximum of 5 pages.

How do I apply for scholarship funding?

If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate education with an SFACT grant, please head to our Contact Form Please state your area of interest and where you are based. We will then take the conversation further by asking for a CV and more information about you and your desired area of study.

If you do not already have a link to a university or institution, we can work with you to find a suitable institution and supervisor through our existing relationships with universities. You will then work with your supervisor to produce a project proposal, which will be reviewed by the Trustees and a decision will be made on whether we can offer you a scholarship.

We appreciate this can be a lengthy and stressful process. SFACT offers support throughout this process and we can also cover costs involved with relocation, visas, and university applications.

How do I learn more about SFACT’s past grants?

If you would like to find out the projects, organisations, and scholars we have already funded, you can visit the Our Programmes page

Do you offer unrestricted funding?

SFACT will consider requests for unrestricted funding, with a preference for projects that can evidence how the funding will allow them to leverage further grants from other sources. We believe that unrestricted funding may be important for new or relatively new organisations to strengthen and build their structures and test their own theory of change. Please make it clear in your proposal how unrestricted funding will help support your organisation.

What is your funding range?

We do not specify a range, each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What is the maximum overhead you offer when funding projects?


What kind of organisations does SFACT fund?

Not for profits, grassroots organisations, international organisations, and universities. Please visit the Our Programmes page for more information on organisations we have awarded grants to:

Do we fund individuals?


Does SFACT fund partnerships?

Yes, we like to see different skill sets coming together so partnerships are a great way to combine expertise between organisations. If you are applying for funding as part of a partnership, we will need to see a written agreement between your organisation and those you are partnered with so that we can assess the nature of the partnership and how our funding will be used.

In what format should I submit my request for funding?

There is no prescribed format, please follow the guidelines under the ‘How do I apply for general funding?’ FAQ.

Are there templates which I should use for submitting an LOI or for my budget request?

There is no prescribed format, please follow the guidelines under the ‘How do I apply for general funding?’ FAQ.

Are there any specific periods in which applications for funding will be accepted or are applications accepted on a rolling basis?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, please follow the instructions to apply and the Trustees will assess your project against our Theory of Change.

How long should I expect to wait for a response once I submit a request for funding?

We aim to respond as soon as possible but it can take up to 3 weeks for you to receive a response to your initial submission of a concept note.

Do I need co-funding to apply for SFACT funds?

We have a preference for projects that already have co-funds in place, however we will not rule out a project if this is not the case, and we have been sole funders of projects in the past. We are keen to see our funding leveraged by organisations to raise additional funds.

What is the approximate turn-around time for funds to reach my organisation, once funds have been approved?

We aim to process funds promptly after an agreement has been reached between SFACT and the grantee, keeping within one calendar month. This means it can take between 1-4 months to complete the application process from receipt of a concept note to awarding the grant.

Scholarships take longer to process, as there are multiple elements to consider such as visa applications to work overseas, how frequently universities accept applicants, and how quickly the scholar can relocate.

Will I receive my funding in instalments?

In some instances, we prefer to award grants in instalments, for example 50% granted at the start of the project and 50% at the halfway point. This can be discussed during the funding agreement process, and will depend on the nature of the project.

If my organisation has already received funding from SFACT can we apply for funding again?

Yes, on occasion we will consider requests for further funding from projects that have received an SFACT grant. We would need to see evidence of how the previous grant benefitted the project, and how further support from SFACT can progress the project.

Who should I contact at SFACT if I have questions about the funding process?

Please use our Contact Form below to enquire about the funding process at SFACT.

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