Our Programmes

At SFACT, the programmes that we choose to support contribute to the three pillars set out in our Theory of Change: Supporting Technical Capacity and Facilitation, Accelerating Coastal Conservation and Development, Advancing Education.

Our three pillars of work are aligned with SDG 14 ‘Life Below Water’, with specific focus on target 14.b ‘provide access for small-scale artisanal fishers to marine resources and markets’. Each programme is chosen with careful consideration to ensure it will lead to a positive outcome under one of our pillars and against our 5-year strategy.

If your organisation is seeking funding for a programme that would have a positive impact on vulnerable Coastal States in the Indian Ocean region, visit our Get Involved page for more information on how to apply and the criteria we look for.

Supporting Technical Capacity & Facilitation

We fund training and technical support in small-scale fishery supply chains, advocate for Coastal States on a government level, and advance strategy developments for sustainable fisheries and coastal communities.

Accelerating Coastal Conservation & Development

We work to conserve and protect marine resources, by promoting the sustainable use of global fish stocks and natural resources, providing poverty relief through hardship funding and donations of equipment, and ensuring the health of aquatic ecosystems is at the forefront of fishery policy.

Advancing Education

We fund a number of scholars around the world in their postgraduate research, to further the current knowledge on sustainable small-scale fisheries and coastal conservation. Our research topics range from wellbeing in supply chains, to fisheries data and management, to mangrove forest restoration, to law of the sea.

Our Theory of Change

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