Research Consultant

Beatrice Kinyua

Beatrice Kinyua has a background in statistics, holding a Masters in Social Statistics from Nairobi University and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Statistics from Moi University. She is passionate about understanding and analysing data, all while reporting it professionally and transparently. Having worked extensively in the banking and corporate sector, she is an enthusiastic, motivated, and committed data analyst. Beatrice’s role with SFACT is to support and coordinate with G16 members; building capacity at the national and regional level to manage and develop fisheries and tuna-like species in the IOTC Area of Competence; and help uphold the sovereign rights of coastal states. 

Before joining SFACT, Beatrice was on a mission to join an organisation that works to better the world, contributing to programmes that support the underprivileged – and found this is reflected in the SFACT values of giving back to the community and the role she holds within it. Joining SFACT as a Research Consultant is an opportunity to pursue her mission, and work towards social equity in fisheries, improve public perception of coastal fisheries, increase transparency in government and change how social problems are tackled.

Giro Commercial Bank
Promoted to
Operations Manager
Promoted to
Senior Banker
I&M Bank as a Corporate Analyst
Began working as
Research Consultant for SFACT