Sophie Atkinson, December 2022

Environmentalist and conservationist Steve Misati is embarking on a large scale restoration project for mangrove forests in the Miritini-Mombasa region. Mangroves play a vital role in coastal ecology and in sustaining and securing coastal communities. They reduce the harmful effects of coastal erosion, storms and flooding and are one of the most cost-effective methods of managing disaster risk along coastlines. Mangroves also provide a safe nursery for young marine life before they are ready to move further out to sea or populate coral reefs. As well as supporting and protecting marine life, mangroves provide nesting and migratory sites for hundreds of species of birds, which flourish among their branches.

Economically, mangroves provide livelihood opportunities for coastal communities through fisheries and ecotourism. The fish, shellfish and other food sources obtained from them play a vital role in the food security of neighboring communities. Mangroves also make a critical contribution to climate regulation through blue carbon capture.

Steve Misati plans to plant new forests, protect existing forests, and run regular educational workshops within the community to increase awareness of the work and encourage other coastal communities to take action for their mangrove forests.

Project goals:
  • Increased mangrove forest cover along the Kenyan coast
  • A stable coastline and protection from erosion, flooding and windstorms and surges.
  • An increase in blue carbon sequestration
  • A community that is educated and aware of the benefits of restoring mangrove forests

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