Ellie Matthew – March 2024

Since our launch in 2020, we have been fortunate to fund 14 scholars on their PhD journeys. One of our first scholars, Indonesian national Ilham, is approaching the final stage of his PhD, so we thought we would shine a spotlight on his work.

Ilham’s project is about capacity building of responsible parties for consolidating and integrating Indonesia tuna fishery data to improve analysis for sustainable management. With Indonesia being one of the largest tuna producing countries in the world, his work is of great importance to help maximise sustainability for the future.

To tackle these aims, Ilham has been undertaking a doctoral program in Marine and Coastal Resources Management at IPB University in Bogor Regency, Indonesia under the supervision of his professor Yonvitner. Courses within this programme included topics surrounding marine and coastal spatial planning, management optimisation of marine and coastal resources, stock enrichment technologies, and fishing ground modelling. Having now completed all the courses, he is beginning his dissertation titled ‘Decision support system based on e-logbook data to support management of small pelagic fisheries in WPPNRI 212.’

Ilham will be collecting data from WPPNRI or Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 212 which is the Java Sea region. From this he will analyse the data and develop a decision support system application for small-scale pelagic fisheries that is based off e-logbook catch data. Data collection through logbooks has been carried out for over 2 decades, however the quality has improved with time, especially since 2018 when e-logbooks were implemented. With the advancement of this technology coupled with the importance of Indonesia’s tuna fishery, Ilham’s work shows promising advancements towards sustainable small-scale fisheries management.

We wish Ilham all the best in the final leg of his PhD journey and look forward to hearing about his dissertation.

Photo credit: Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan

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